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Lysine HCL

L Lysine Hydrochloride Feed Grade Price - Supplier Manufacturer Wholesaler ExporterLysine HCL Feed Grade Poultry Supplement Price - L- Lysine Supplier For Poultry Feed Additive. L-lysine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of L-lysine It contains a L-lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid like lysine are the building blocks of protein .Lysine HCL used in poultry diets to help ensure balanced nutrition and flock performance . Lysine HCL is often added to animal feed. It is use to make medicine. Lysine is used for preventing and treating cold sores caused by the virus called herpes simplex labialis. It is taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin for this use. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION :   Appearance   Light yellow particles     Assay ( as C6H14N2O2-HCI )     >=   98.5%   Specific Rotation   +18.0 ~ +21.5   Loss on Drying   <=   1.0%   Residue on Ignition   <=   0.3%   Ammonium Salt ( as Nh4+ )     <=   0.04%   Heavy Metals ( as Pb )   <=   30 ppm   Arsenic ( as As )   <=   2 ppm STORAGE : Store in a cool and dry place SHELF LIFE : 2 years from date of manufacturer with proper storage conditions.   MATRIX OF NUTRITION :For More Information And Price List Press ClickSwissChemie.comcontact@swisschemie.coswiss-chemie.business.sitefacebook.com/SwissChemietwitter.com/SwissChemieinstagram.com/SwissChemieType : Feed Grade Amino AcidsEfficacy : feed additive , Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition, OTHERColor : whiteProduct Keywords : lysine poultry feed, lysine hydrochlorideForm :  PowderPack Type :  BagPack Size :  25kgOdor :  Pleasant CaramelPurity :  99 % PureShelf Life :  2 YearsMinimum Order Quantity :  300 KgGrade Standard  : Food GradeStorage Instructions  : Keep in Dry, Cool Places, ShadedL-Lysine Supplier Manufacturer - Lysine Price Per KgLysine plays a vital role in building muscle, maintaining bone strength, aiding recovery from injury or surgery, and regulating hormones, antibodies, and enzymes. Reducing feed costs by balancing the amino acid composition in livestock diet is a sound method to boost efficiency, but it requires precision. Lysine is an essential and limiting amino acid in feed for poultry, swine, fish, crustaceans and dairy cows.Lysine Powder Price in India - Lysine Price For Poultry - L-Lysine Price in IndiaL-Lysine HCl is one of the most widely used amino acid. It is an essential acid required in the diets of swine, poultry and most other animal species.  L-Lysine HCl is frequently the first-limiting amino acid in many of the additives commonly included in swine and poultry is not only justified on the basis of least -cost formulation ,but also enables the nutritionist to balance the diet to meet the animals requirement most closely ,improving the meat quality and promoting the growth of animals, it is widely used in feed additive industry. The level of dietary L-Lysine concentration significantly influences on the growth performance and feed efficiency. Lysine hydrochloride is an essential amino acid used in poultry diets to help ensure balanced nutrition and flock performanceLysine For Poultry Price Nigeria Kenya, Lysine Feed Grade Price India Bangladesh Pakistan, Lysine Powder India Price For Poultry Swine, Lysine Feed Grade Poultry Supplement Price, L-Lysine Hydrochloride Price in India, Lysine Poultry Bulk Price Poland,  Lysine HCL Wholesaler Manufacturers , L-Lysine Suppliers Wholesaler Dealers in South Africa India, Lysine HCL Wholesaler Price Supplier India Poland PakistanTOP SELLING PRODUCTSPotassium Permanganate For Pigeons Poultry Chicken BirdsNDIB Vaccine Supplier PricePoultry Vaccines Supplier in IndiaLarge Veterinary Animals Vaccine PriceParacetamol Bulk Drug API Price Per KgDL-Methionine Poultry Feed Grade Price