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L-Tryptophan is one of essential amino acids and the forth limiting amino acid in animals diets,which means it could not be synthesized by the body,in addition,dietary supply  through feed materials is usually insufficient.  The deficiency of L-Tryptophan was generally characterized as decreased feed intake and efficiency,and slow growth rate.Considering L-Tryptophan playing a key role in growth performance and feed efficiency, it is recommended to add L-Tryptophan in diet to achieve the optimal amino acid balance and fulfill the digestible tryptophan requirement of animals, especially piglets, sows and poultry etc.BENEFITS OF ADDING TRYPTOPHAN IN FEED :Supplement L-Tryptophan in feed can offer following benefits for the industry, which have been proven by abundant trials and research.Increase the feed intake.Optimize the amino acid profile in feed, particularly essential amino acid profileReduce crude protein level in diets without impact on animal growth performance, particularly low protein diets for post-weaned piglets.Improve the growth rate,weight gain and feed efficiency.Enhance the overall growth, even under stress conditions for immune system,such as depressed, vaccination and deteriorated hygiene conditions.Save the entire cost of feed.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS :   Appearance   White Crystal or Crystalline powder     Identification ( IR )   Concordant with the reference spectrum     Assay   99.0~100.5%   Ph   5.4~6.4   Specific rotation [a]D20 &