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Use :-Vitamin Premix For Poultry. Feed ex is specifically used in  developed to provide optimum nutrition for Poultry during their entire productive life through feeds. They include fortification levels that meet thevitamin needs of poultry for optimum health and productivity in real time situation.Benefits :-Prevents and relieves all types of stress conditions effectively thereby, improving production performance.Helps to Develop enhanced body resistance against infections.Ensures optimum calcium and phosphorus levels in the serum.


Uses :-Vitamin A is required for normal growth, reproduction and maintenance of epithelial cells in good condition (skin and the linings of the digestive, reproductive, and respiratory tracts).Benefits :-Vitamin A is very important and is needed for growth, health of eyes and moist surfaces of the body. The deficiency of this fat soluble vitamin causes poor growth, weakness and decrease egg production.


USE :-Growmix ty  is active  Tylosin phosphate  for veterinary use is a phosphate mixture of macrolide antibiotic use in feed of pigs, layer birds, broilers and beef cattle, for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by Tylosin-sensitive pathogenic microorganisms.BENEFITS :-Control, prevention and treatment of infections caused by Tylosin-sensitive pathogenic microorganisms.Control, prevention and treatment of mycoplasmosis, chronic respiratory disease, and infectious sinusitis in chickens and turkeys.Control, prevention and treatment of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringensImproved Feed Conversion RateIncreases weight gain.

Vitamin A LIQUID

98.5% Concentration LiquidVitamin A Palmitate is extensively used as an antioxidant and a source of vitamin A added to low fat milk and other dairy products to replace the vitamin content. The Vitamin A Palmitate is also tested by our quality experts for their longer shelf life. Further, this Vitamin A Palmitate is safe to consume. BENEFITS :-Prevent from skeletal malformations; retarded growth, reproductive failure.It is essential to ensure good growth, disease resistance & to improve fertility.Treat disorders related with reproductive, digestive or respiratory system.Vitamin A prevents cows abort, drop dead or weak calves.Note : Also Available in 50% Concentration Powder


Vitamin-A Liquid Supplement for Poultry and Cattle Being amongst well known organizations, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide array of Vitamin A Liquid Supplement for Cattle and Poultry.Composition : Each 1 ml contains : Vitamin A : 100,000 I.U.INDICATION & BENEFITS :To alleviate Vitamin A deficiency, to correct nutritional group. Beneficial in enteritis,coccidiosis, helminthiasis for tissue repair. Ensure Vitamin-A level in combat diseases assures better growth of chicks. Improvement of eggs production in layers. Assure better vision of birds. Improve hatchability and fertility.Develop resistance power to infectious.Assure better vision for birds. Improve hatchability and fertility.DOSAGE : For 100 Birds Chicks  5 ml Daily Growers and Broilers   8-10 ml Daily Layers and Breeders  5-10 ml Daily Cow and Buffalo  10-15 ml Daily Packaging : 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg Plastic DrumALSO AVAILABLE IN POWDER