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DL-Methionine is synthesize from petrochemical raw materials using an environmentally friendly patented proprietary process by the feed additives business of SWISS CHEMIE, known as the carbonate process.

Methionine Amino acids are the building blocks that our bodies use to make proteins. Methionine is found in meat, fish, and dairy products. It plays an important role in the many functions within the body.

Methionine is one of the essential amino acid that can not be synthesized in animal body. To improve amino acid balance in feed and enhance growth and performance of poultry, DL-Methionine has been utilized for more than 50 years.

Other Names : DL Methionine Feed Grade
Type : Feed Grade Amino Acids
Efficacy : Feed Preservatives, Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition, decrease the cost of feed
Grade : Feed Garde
Product name : DL Methionine Feed Grade
Usage : Promote Growth
Packing : 25kg/bag
Supply Ability : 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Shelf Life: 3 years
Appearance/Color : Almost white, free flowing cylindrical granulate

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Methionine not only serves as a constituent of body protein but also is involved in the development of the digestive tract and growth performance. Furthermore, it has a function of increasing muscle mass, feather development and improving egg production in poultry.

Methionine is one of the essential amino acids for poultry. Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is essential for healthy and productive poultry, and is important for many different functions in the body. By producing methyl groups, methionine is responsible for a variety of metabolic reactions.

USE :-

Particularly for use in monogastrics. DL-Methionine Feed grade ensures the  adequate supply of sulfur amino acids, especially of the essential methionine. Because of mrthionine being rst-limiting in typical poultry diets its use has been well established for many years. 

Additionally, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerable deficiency in methionine. especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reason. Such a deficiency can be conveniently  compensated for using DL-Methionine Feed Grade Amino Acid.


 Methionine Content  99.9%
 Digestibility  100.0%
 Crude Protein (NX6.25)     58.1%
 Metabolizable Energy  [MJ/KG]   [kcal/kg] 
 Poultry(estimated)   21.0  5,020

Methionine is required for growth and tissue repair. Methionine improves the tone and pliability of skin, hair, and strengthens nails. Involved in many detoxifying processes, sulphur provided by methionine protects cells from pollutants, slows cell aging, and is essential for absorption and bio-availability of selenium and zinc. 

Methionine chelates heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, aiding their excretion. It also acts as a lipotropic agent and prevents excess fat buildup in the liver. DL-Methionine is a urinary acidifier used to treat and prevent certain types of urinary stones. It can help prevent urinary tract infections and bladder stones.

Causes methionine deficiency - It is caused by mutations in the MAT1A gene . Inheritance is autosomal recessive .  When needed, treatment is with a diet restricting methionine. S-adenosylmethionine supplementation may also be useful. This Proven complex, system result in a high quality product without the formation of waste salt, while largely avoiding pollution by waste air and water.

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