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Marek's Disease vaccine

Vaccines - Delivery With Out Cold Chain

Vaccine against Marek's disease with a diluent Strain FC- 126+SB1 (Serotype 3 & 2). Infected by herpes virus of chicken (VGI strain of FS-126), disintegrated by ultrasound and dried up with the addition of the stabilizer, which contains solutions of sucrose and a gelatose on the buffer.

Herpesvirus of Turkeys vaccines is used in combination with serotypes 1 (Rispens) and/or 2 (SB-1) to maximize protection in breeder flocks. Today, Herpesvirus of Turkeys combined with Rispens is the most common combination used to protect breeders in very high-risk areas.

Marek's Disease Vaccine (HVT) Indications. This vaccine is recommended for in ovo vaccination of 18- to 19-day-old embryonated chicken eggs. For in ovo vaccination, only healthy embryonated eggs should be used. This vaccine is also recommended for subcutaneous vaccination of healthy one-day-old chickens.

The vaccine should be administered when chicks hatch or in ovo (in the egg) before hatching. It may take around 2 weeks for birds to build up immunity from the vaccine. During this time, it is critical to prevent young chicks from being exposed to the virus.

Swiss Chemie’s Nano-Encapsulated Vaccines are manufactured by a novel patented technology that allows the delivery of Poultry Vaccines to its Customers Without any Cold Chain. These Vaccines are prepared using patented thermostabilized and binders, hence they maintain desired titre even after delivery at ambient room temperatures. A single oral administration of the nano-encapsulated vaccine produces a protective antibody response against the challenge. Swiss Chemie’s Vaccine formulation allows the delivery of the vaccines without depending on cold chains to customers and is especially very beneficial in rural areas in tropical countries.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of SWISS CHEMIE Special (MAREK Vaccine) and our product is made up of good quality.

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Swiss Chemie is a 60+-year-old company and it is performing its business activities in 45+ countries in the poultry sector. It is the global supplier and exporter of poultry vaccines, amino acids, antibiotics, feed supplements, vitamins along with its raw materials. Swiss Chemie supply Marek's Disease vaccine in liquid and powder form across the globe for various veterinary applications. The "Marek's Disease vaccine" offered by Swiss Chemie comes along with assured quality and at competitive prices as compared to other suppliers in the market.

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