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13 / Jul 19

Poultry Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Swiss Chemie Special (Poultry Antibiotics) and our product is made up of good quality.

13 / Jul 19

Large Animals Antibiotics

The benefits of antibiotics in animal feed include increasing efficiency and growth rate, treating clinically sick animals and preventing or reducing the incidence of infectious disease. By far the major use of antibiotics among these, however, is increased efficiency, i.e. a more efficient conversion of feed to animal products, and an improved growth rate. In chicken feed, for example, tetracycline and penicillin show substantial improvement in egg production, feed efficiency and hatchability, but no significant effect on mortality.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Swiss Chemie Special (Large Animal Antibiotics) and our product is made up of good quality.Currently, the following antibiotics are used in livestock and poultry feed: FORMADEHYDECHLORAMPHENICOL 200 MGCONTAINS 6% HYDROGEN PEROXIDEIODINE 1.75%STREPTOPENCILLIN,DELTAMETHRIN-1.25%MULTI VITAMINISOPROPYL ALCHOHOL & CHLORHEXIDINEFLUMETHRIN 1% POUR ONAMOXYCILLIN SODIUM & CLOXACILLIN SODIUMPHENYLBUTAZONE & SODIUM SALICYLATEAMPICILLIN & CLOXACILLINAMOXYCILLIN and CLOXACILLINOXYTETRACYCLINE DIHYDRATE,OXYTETRACYCLINE HYDROCHLORIDESULPHACHLORPYRIDAZINE SODIUM 100GM & TRIMETHORIM 20 MGENROFLOXACIN 100 MGENROFLOXACIN

12 / Jul 19

Antibiotics Used To Treat Bacterial Infections

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, such as cold, flu, and most coughs.

12 / Jul 19

What are Antibiotics

Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight certain infections and can save lives when used properly. They either stop bacteria from reproducing or destroy them.Before bacteria can multiply and cause symptoms, the immune system can typically kill them. White blood cells (WBCs) attack harmful bacteria and, even if symptoms do occur, the immune system can usually cope and fight off the infection.

11 / Jul 19


Amino Acid offered by SWISS CHEMIE, a leading supplier of best Amino Acid Supplements.A daily vitamin mineral supplement for animals can provide the essential nutrients that are needed to fight disease and prevent many common health.Choose protein supplements to provide amino acids that complement amino acids of ... Mild processing gives best digestibility for monogastric animals

11 / Jul 19

Inactivated Vaccines

Inactivated vaccine has been developed for use in chickens and breeder hens to give broad protection against Newcastle Disease. When injected, the vaccine produces a high level of circulating antibody (humoral immunity), which is maintained throughout the production cycle. It provides high levels of parental immunity in the progeny. This is the only way to provide protection to the chick during the critical first few days of life. Early infection with Newcastle Disease causes high mortality.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of SWISS CHEMIE Special (Inactivated Vaccines) and our product is made up of good quality.

11 / Jul 19

Large Animal Vaccines

Vaccination protects the welfare of animals by preventing or reducing disease, which in turn reduces the pain and suffering often associated with illness. Healthy animals are also the cornerstone of healthy food and so vaccination can help safeguard our food produced from animals.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of SWISS CHEMIE Special (Large Animal Vaccines) and our product is made up of good quality.

09 / Jul 19

Vaccine production

Vaccines are produced mainly in three forms:Liquid vaccine – it is in fluid form ready to use.Freeze dried vaccine – the vaccine is stored as one pack of freeze dried material and one pack of diluent, often a sterile saline solution. These have to be combined before use.Dust – where the vaccine is prepared for administration in the dry form.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of SWISS CHEMIE Special (Vaccines) and our product is made up of good quality.

09 / Jul 19

Live Vaccines

 Live vaccine for the immunization of chickens against Mycoplasma gallisepticumLive vaccine – the active part of the vaccine is the live organism that causes the disease. As such, it is capable of inducing the disease in birds that have not had previous contact that organism. Vaccinated birds, in many cases are able to infect non-vaccinated birds if housed together.We are leading manufacturer and exporter of SWISS CHEMIE Special (Live Vaccines) and our product is made up of good quality.

08 / Jul 19

Cattle Mineral & Vitamin Feed Supplement Manufacturer Supplier Wholesale Dealer

Minerals: The major minerals in cattle nutrition are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and potassium. They are required at comparatively high levels described as percent of diet or grams per day. An essential vitamins and minerals for dairy cattle performs specific functions in the body and must be supplied in the diet, but too much of any may be harmful or even dangerous. Cattle Mineral & Vitamin Feed Supplement, Cattle Mineral & Vitamin Feed Supplement Manufacturer, Cattle Mineral & Vitamin Feed Supplement Supplier, Cattle Mineral & Vitamin Feed Supplement Wholesale Dealer, Cattle Mineral Supplement Supplier & Distributor.

08 / Jul 19

veterinary feed supplements companies

The resulting anti-inflammatory effects of the intestinal walls are a proposed mode of action for antibiotic growth promoters. Inflammation costs energy. Raising body temperature just one degree results in 13% energy loss. This is the first measurable sign of inflammation. In smaller animals like poultry, a small increase still comes with a significant energy expenditure and any energy use comes at the cost of feed conversion, which in turn affects the cost of production.SWISS CHEMIE Offers veterinary pain relief and anti-inflammatory products for Animals.As an Bio-Chemical Company. SWISS CHEMIE Manufactures a Range of Other Halal Poultry Ingredients like Multi Enzymes, Thermo Stable Phytase , Choline Chloride , CTC, Acidifiers and All Types of Vitamins and Its Premixes. Our Company is the leading supplier of amino acids which include Lysine, DL Methionine, Threonine,  Tryptophan.The company has recently started the Manufacturing and Marketing of Antibiotics, Vaccines both live Vaccines and Killed vaccines, Copper Sulphate, Potassium Permanganate, Zeolites and Probiotics. Today, we are widely acknowledged as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality assured veterinary food supplements.

03 / Jul 19

Vitamin AD2 as a animal health and feed supplements

Vitamin AD2 Premix is a premixed food supplement, which is used to Vanaspati Oil. We offer 100% vegetarian intermixture of Vitamin A and D2 (Ergocalciferol) along with food grade antioxidants made through a proprietary process for the enrichment of your Vanaspati. This highly concentrated blend does not impart any disagreeable taste or odor, and vitaminizes your Vanaspati such that each gram contains 1.25 MIU of Vitamin A and 0.097 MIU of Vitamin D2. We are prime Supplier of Vitamin AD2 Premix.