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cattle feed distributors

27 / Feb 19

cattle feed distributors

Cattle Feeding will also provide these advantages to cattle:

  •  Reduced somatic cell count
  •  Reduced occurrence of acidosis and mastitis
  •  Lowered pH in rumen
  •  Increased digestibility
  •  Earlier breeding and higher conception rates
  •  Faster weight gain and easier weaning
  •  Increased longevity in dairy cows
  •  Higher milk production and butterfat content
  •  Improved hoof health
The company has recently started the Manufacturing and Marketing of Large Animal Supplements , Antibiotics both live Vaccines and Killed vaccines, Copper Sulphate, Potassium Permanganate, Zeolites and Probiotics.

SWISS CHEMIE has a Professional Marketing Team for the Domestic and International Market .Currently We do Business with More than 100 Countries like India, Pakistan, Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and Latin America, Iran, Bangladesh etc.