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vitamin & supplement for animals

13 / Jun 19

vitamin & supplement for animals

Vitamin A, D, and E, are fat soluble vitamins that are required in a properly balanced feeding program;

Vitamin A is important for bone development, sight, and soft tissue maintenance. Deficiencies can cause reduced fertility (longer to first cycle and lower first service conception rates). Fetal bone development and bone density in mature animals is reduced. Animals on feed can have a reduced feed efficiency and increased occurrence of disease and illness.

Vitamin D is provided by sunshine over the summer, and can be limited in the winter with shorter daylight hours. It is needed to prevent rickets, and to reduce the incidence of having weak, deformed or dead calves during the calving season. 

Vitamin E is important to improve the efficiency of Vitamin A and selenium. It is important for immune and reproductive functions both in cows, heifers and bulls.

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