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PRODUCT NAME                          Chlortetracycline CTCOTHER NAME                               Chlorotetracycline;Chlortetracyclinum;MOLECULAR WEIGHT                 515.3MOLECULAR FORMULA              C22H23CIN2O8  Chlortetracycline (CTC)  Feed Grade is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug. It is active in the inhibition and treatment of while dysentery,enteritis,pheumonia,typhoid,paratyphoid,cholera etc. in poultry and livestock. Chlortetracycline can also promote the permeation and absorption of the nourish elements,stimulating hypophysis to produce hormone and adjusting appetites.It result in obvious growth promotion for poultry,livestock and soon,also greatly increases the reward of feed. INDICATIONS FOR USE For increased rate of weight gain,improved feed efficiency and the control of infectious synovitis ( M. synoviae ) in chicken and turkeys.For the control of chronic respiratory ( CRD ) and air sac infections ( Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Escherichia coli ) and the reduction of mortality due to E.coli in chickens.For the control of complicating bacterial organism associated with bluecomb ( transmissible enteritis,coronaviral enteritis ) and hexamitiasis ( Hexamita melegridis ) in turkeys.For the reduction of mortality due to parathphoid ( Salmonella typhimuriun ) in turkeys.For the control and treatment of fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida in ducks.For the treatment of Psittacosis caused by  Chlamydia psittacine birds.