1. HALAL health and feed supplements for poultry, large animal, Aqua.   


Swiss Chemie is an animal feed and poultry feed nutrition and supplement manufacturer and supplier. It also markets poultry, cattle and animal antibiotic , vitamins , vaccines and personal care and cosmetic chemicals
Swiss Chemie initially started in civil construction and paper manufacturing in 1935 and over the years spread into different industries. Feed supplement , amino acid , toxin binders, choline chloride marketing started in 2002.
As per 2017 statistics our year marketing capacity was for DL-methionine 150,000 tons, L-Lysine 200,000 tons, and L-Threonine 110,000 tons, Tryptopan 50000 ton , 200,000 choline chloride, 100,000 Vitamain A 25000, Vitamin E 50000 and CTC, 50000
Please feel free to contact us by phone or simply send us an email to order our amino acids, vitamin, choline chloride, antibiotics , vaccines, cosmetic ingredients, like UV Absorbers, preservatives and antioxidants to : customercare@swisschemie.com and will take care of everything
Yes of course we support our customers in regards to our products whether it is a logistics issue, promotion issue for an importer, product issue, questions and assistance from our vetenary doctors, nutritionists and more upon your request. Our feed supplements and cosmetic ingredients can be testes at our marked laboratories in the world like Agro Lab Services, Singapore, Moscow State Labs, Russia and SGS India.
As of 2018 we are currently exporting our wide range of amino acids, lysine , methionine, threonine, choline chloride, CTC, Benzophenone, MP, PP , BHT ect to 80 countries worldwide.
Our company is known to provide excellent customer service on a one on one basis, we have high quality amino acids, vitamin, preservative, antioxidants, UV absorbers, antibiotics , Tiamulin and vaccines our packaging is state of the art, our rates are very competitive and our current customers are very happy that they took that first step in starting business with us. Also we are using state of the art manufacturing technology such as Solid state fermentation SSF and encapsulation of our products for better delivery in the end use.