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SUPPLEMENTS (Choline Chloride)


COMPOSITION : Choline chloride 60% Powder contains Choline chloride 60%
Choline chloride is one kind of vitamins, it is essential component of lecithin and it is very important for the nutrition and growth of the animals because young animals cannot synthesize Choline chloride itself, So their required Choline should be taken from feed stuff.

Choline chloride used to treat fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis, also used as livestock feed additives, can stimulate the overies produce more eggs and cub,to put on wight for livestock,fish etc.

Pharmacology : Choline chloride helps for the production & maintenance of cell. it prevents excess deposition of fat into liver by metabolism of fat. it helps for the production of Acetylcholine essential for the transmission of nerve impulse. Choline chloride is essential for transmiltion reaction i.e. Transfer of amino group between two compound for the formation of new essential compound.it is essential for detoxification reaction. 

Therefore, Choline chloride is widely used as additive at home and adroad. It will stimulate the animal or poutry's growth,put on their weight rapidly and boost up the body's immunity function. It has prominence effects on improving the quality and quantity of eggs and meat. On the contracy, shortage of Choline may cause liver disease,retarded growth,perosis,reduced egg-laying rate and increase mortality.


Excess dietary protein,fat or fatty substance demand excess Choline in the conditions causes Choline deficiency.


  • The main functions of the Choline chloride are as follows
  • To prevent the accumulation of fat in livers and kidneys and avoid its pathological changes.
  • To prevent decreased e

SUPPLEMENTS (Toxin Binder)

Toxin Binder

Description : Broad-spectrum mycotoxin absorbent suitable for all types of feed.

INGREDIENTS : Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Sillicate
( Chlorite/lllite ), Mannanoligosacharide, Activated Charcoal, Antioxidants, Kaolin, Fungal inhibitors.

APPLICATION : Add to mixer with the other ingredients and mix homogeneously.

COMPATIBILITY : Compatible with all types of feed ingredients. Does not affect or absorb any vitamins,minerals, coccidiostats,antibiotics or any other feed additive.

Protoxin is a high affinity sorbent that binds mycotoxins found in feeds. In this bound form the harmful toxins pass through the alimentary track of the birds or animal to be voided in the faeces. Protoxin thereby helps prevent the absorptions of mycotoxina into the body and so protects the animal against their harmful,often fatal,effects.

Protoxin is not absorbed by the body,its action is purely local and is a direct effect of its physical and electrical properties. Protoxin traps afloxtoxins as a result of the electrostatic attraction to aluminium ions,when mixed with water. It has an enormous surface area so that it can act as a liner inside the intestine. Electronic microscope picture has shown the intestinal cells being covered by the suspension. The electrical properties of Protoxin make it absorb bacteria and toxins in the intestine so that they can be  eliminated with the clay.


  • Has the ability to bind a wide range of mycotoxins.
  • Is a low cost/high return on investment.
  • Has a low effective inclusion rate in feed.
  • Rapidly and uniformly disperses in feed during mixing.
  • Is stable during feed processing ( especially pelleting and extrusion ) and storage.
  • Has no binding affinity

SUPPLEMENTS (Chlortetracycline)


PRODUCT NAME                          Chlortetracycline CTC
OTHER NAME                               Chlorotetracycline;Chlortetracyclinum;
MOLECULAR WEIGHT                 515.3
MOLECULAR FORMULA              C22H23CIN2O8  

Chlortetracycline (CTC)  Feed Grade is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug. It is active in the inhibition and treatment of while dysentery,enteritis,pheumonia,typhoid,paratyphoid,cholera etc. in poultry and livestock. Chlortetracycline can also promote the permeation and absorption of the nourish elements,stimulating hypophysis to produce hormone and adjusting appetites.It result in obvious growth promotion for poultry,livestock and soon,also greatly increases the reward of feed. 


  • For increased rate of weight gain,improved feed efficiency and the control of infectious synovitis ( M. synoviae ) in chicken and turkeys.
  • For the control of chronic respiratory ( CRD ) and air sac infections ( Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Escherichia coli ) and the reduction of mortality due to E.coli in chickens.
  • For the control of complicating bacterial organism associated with bluecomb ( transmissible enteritis,coronaviral enteritis ) and hexamitiasis ( Hexamita melegridis ) in turkeys.
  • For the reduction of mortality due to parathphoid ( Salmonella typhimuriun ) in turkeys.
  • For the control and treatment of fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida in ducks.
  • For the treatment of Psittacosis caused by  Chlamydia psittacine birds.



USE :-
Profytase Granules is an enzyme which breaks down Phytase and therefore improves P, Ca, Zn, Na, Mg and amino acid availability and digestibility in broilers and pigs. Through the use of Phytase, animal producers and feed manufacturers can reduce the inclusion of inorganic P and Ca sources in animal feeds, (e.g. dicalcium phosphate and meat & bone meal) without negatively influencing growth performance and with a reduction in the cost formulation. Phytic acid is the primary storage form of phosphorus in feed ingredients.


  • Helps to improve adequate phosphorus release in poultry during phosphorus deficiencies.
  • Helps to prevent and control major phosphorus associated deficiencies resulting due to calcium & phosphorus absorption imbalance.


USE :-

It can release inorganic phosphorus through hydrolysis of phytic acid, thus improving its utilization, decreasing the usage of inorganic phosphorus sources, and reducing the cost of feed formulas. Being a green, efficient additive of livestock and poultry feed, it could also reduce the phosphorus in animal waste emissions and protect the environment.


  • Improves phosphorus utilization in feed
  • Increase digestibility of protein, amino acids and minerals in feeds
  • Enhance animal performance
  • Allows flexibility to reduce DCP inclusion rate.


Mpzyme is an optimum blend of enzymes for improvement of digestibility of vegetable feeds for poultry. Mpzyme is specially suited for improved energy performance of feed that contain wheat bran, soya beans, corn, rapeseed, sunflower seed, peas, etc. Mpzyme is designed to aid normal digestion, increasing the energy availability  and to hydrolyses non-starch polysaccharide with the result of reduction in feed conversion ration and increases in body weights. The reduction in FCR by 7-10% and increases of 100-150 gm body weight after 4th-5th week.


  • Increases body weight & better feed  utialisation.
  • Used for better growth and performance.
  • Increases digestive capacity of animal & birds.
  • It mobilises storage fats in animals.
  • Improves nutrient availability.
  • Phytin phosphorus in converted into available form.
  • Utilisation of other minerals is improved like Ca,Mg,Iron, Zn etc.
  • Tackling antinutritional factors and energy availability.
  • Increases egg production & eggshell breakage is reduced.
  • Hydrolyses non-starch polysaccharides.
  • Digest high molecular weight beta glucans in gain & cereal based feeds and can be used in the treatment of endosperm cell walls which contails about 70% beta  glucans.
  • Improve separations, reduce viscosity and modify or completely hydrolyse cellulose.
  • Mpzymes reduces the feed consumption of the bird.  
Appearance  Creamy White Powder 
Amylase 2700-3400 u/g<

SUPPLEMENTS (Acidifiers)


 ACIDIFIER is a powderd poultry feed acidifier which is a combination of organic acids to provide broad spectrum of activity against bacteria and fungi.

Components :

Lactic acid, Propionic acid, Acetic acid, Citric acid, Formic acid and suitable vehicle 

Indication/Benefits :

  • Improve FCR
  • Increase weight gain
  • Reduces the pathogen load of feed
  • Enhances nutrient availability
  • Enhances nutrient utilization
  • Improve gut integrity 
  • Promotes growth and colonization of beneficial microflora
  • Reduces mortality
  • Regulates the pH of GIT
Dosage :

Poultry and Swine : 1 kg ton of the feed

Presentation : 25 kg bag 

ACIDIFIER -PD also available in liquid ACIDIFIER -L 


ACIDIFIER PD :- The use of acidifier complexes enables minimisation of the development of pathogenic flora in feed and/or water and therefore optimises digestive function by promoting beneficial acidophilus bacteria.

Use :-

ACIDIFIER–pd have growth promoting properties and can be used as alternatives to that the use of an organic acids mixture (comprising 30.0% lactic acid, 25.5% benzoic acid, 7% formic acid, 8% citric acid and 6.5% acetic acid) in broiler diets improved its performance as compared to the control diet at 42 days of age and organic acids provided better carcass characteristics. 

Benefits ;-

  • Improves the digestion, absorption and utilization of feed
  • Cut downs the number of microbes that results in thinning of intestinal wall and increased size of villi which improves the absorption and utilization of nutrients
  • Stimulates the activation of digestive enzymes


The use of acidifier complexes enables minimisation of the development of pathogenic flora in feed and/or water and therefore optimises digestive function by promoting beneficial acidophilus bacteria.

USE :-
We provide ACIDIFIER -L which ensures the growth of the animal and reduces the increase of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal region. The major purpose of using this acidifier is to improve growth performance and better the profitability in poultry production. By the use of Procid- L we make feed and digestive system grow and multiply pathogenic organisms, which increases the productivity immensely.


  • To reduce the pathogen load
  • To improve the FCR
  • To prevent respiratory problem due to increase ammonia level
  • To prevent the incidences of Salmonellosis and Colibacillosis