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Large Veterinary Farm Animal Vaccines Price List

22 / Aug 20

Large Veterinary Farm Animal Vaccines Price List

Vaccination promotes animal health by protecting animal health, but it also has other health benefits, e.g. recent investigations have looked at the potential of vaccines in immunoneutering such as immunocastration – a humane alternative to the painful traditional methods. Similarly, vaccination can be used during disease outbreaks as a viable alternative to stamping-out, thus avoiding the health problems that on-farm mass slaughter can cause.

Protecting animal health through vaccination leads to improved animal health, and maintaining good health ensures that animals can respond successfully to vaccination (as poor health can lead to immunosuppression, which can affect the response to vaccination). It is clear that vaccination has tremendous advantages for animal health and although the possible side effects of vaccination can have a negative effect on the welfare of some individual animals, the harm caused by these unwanted effects must be weighed against the undoubted benefits for groups of animals. 

Vaccination protects the welfare of farm animals by preventing or reducing disease, which in turn reduces the pain and suffering often associated with illness. Healthy animals are also the cornerstone of healthy food and so vaccination can help safeguard our food produced from animals.

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There are three different types of vaccines: Modified Live Virus, Killed Virus and RecombinantThe majority of cattle vaccines are injected, although some may be given by other routes, such as intranasal and oral. Although antibiotics are also often administered via injection, treating an animal with one of these drugs is not a vaccination but rather a treatment once an infection has occurred.

Vaccines can prevent a wide range of diseases that cause reduced production, fertility or death in cattle and economic losses to Western Australian producers. Vaccines can protect cattle against clostridial, reproductive and respiratory diseases as well as calf scours, bovine ephemeral fever and pink eye.

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